h gfx/index :: starlit night ~ by nighstar
starlit night

the night

lit with stars' light

lit by moon's light

oh so beautiful

oh so nice

this dreamscape

this skyscape

a starlit night


stuff that i wish i were good at

behold my attempts at being graphically capable.

en: random doodles

(in English) quick doodles

this is where i shall post doodles that i have done at random, with no real aim or reason behind them. mostly just scrapped line work that i do not feel is worthy of being shown with my other doodles which have had more effort put into the.

en: less random doodles

(in English) non-quick doodles

drawings with more effort and time put into them will be displayed here, even though they still really aren`t good enough for bragging rights.

en: photography

(in English) photographs taken by me at sometime or another

photographs that i have taken and feel don`t deserve to be thrown immediately into the recycling bin are displayed here. please note that some of my Japan(ese)-specific photography may only be posted in the "photos of Japan" section rather than here.

en: photomanipulation

(in English) digitally manipulated photographs

this isn`t something that i do very often these days, but any manipulation of photography that i do will be displayed here. please note that the original photographs of the photomanipulations that are found in this section were not taken by me, unless stated otherwise. i have only manipulated them.